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Solidification and casting

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Cooling by water plays an important role in extracting heat from both the mold and solidifying liquid steel during the continuous casting of steel. Oversee Solidification Laboratory operation and maintenance. There are 5 different compositions of Zn-Al-Cu alloys, all made by die casting, all with fairly similar compositions (I won't frighten you with ternary phase diagrams just yet). In order to verify the compatibility between reality and simulation, we then simulated the part casting respecting the real conditions in which it was cast. Substances from liquid into solid process called coagulation. I can also see how the grains grew during solidification of the weld melt metal, and there's clearly a crack from the residual stresses caused by welding. Prabhakara Rao , G.Chakraverthi, A.C.S. Sand casting technologies have now emerged as practical and commercial ways of manufacturing high integrity near net shape castings. It is characterized by complex boiling phenomena. Quality of the casting and the casting process is closely related to the influence of the solidification of castings. From these images (sometimes with the help of SEM verification) I can the extrusion region, where the microstructure is unaffected by the weld. Conduct bench scale testing to evaluate new concepts, ideas, and feasibility critical for the development of next generation casting process.

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